BTS’s Jungkook Calls Out Fans Who Followed Him To Private Schedules

He shared his honest opinion about the issue during his recent Weverse live.

Keeping his promise to ARMYs, BTS member Jungkook recently started a livestream on Weverse, talking to fans and singing to his heart’s content.

After almost two hours of hanging out with his fans, Jungkook hesitantly changed the topic. He decided to talk about the people who followed him to his gym and asked fans not to go looking for him when he is not on an official schedule. Jungkook added that he is grateful that so many people have that much interest in him, but he’d rather people not show up unexpectedly like this.

He then went into the details of a specific incident, saying he was bringing it up only because he was drunk. Jungkook was about to head home from his gym when he got taken aback to see people there.

Jungkook repeatedly emphasized that while he is thankful for the attention, he is not okay with people turning up to places of his personal business. He pointed out that other fans could easily access his whereabouts as well, but they don’t because there is mutual respect between BTS and ARMYs.

He got honest about his experience and even admitted that back in the days, he wouldn’t have been able to talk about it openly. But now, as a senior artist, he feels that ARMYs know him well and he can express his humane side freely.



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