BTS Jungkook’s Chopstick Hack Goes Viral For Being Next Level

Fans want to give it a try if they can.

During BTS‘s latest live broadcast, half of the members sat down for a chat as they enjoyed some tasty ramen, giving Jungkook a perfect chance to show off a chopstick hack that fans didn’t see coming.


After Jimin tried some of the spicy ramen and realized it wasn’t for him, he passed the bowl to Jungkook.

Since there were two pairs of chopsticks in the bowl, Jungkook picked up a pair and tried to give it a taste. He soon realized it was a bit dangerous to lean down and have the second pair close enough to poke his face.

In an unexpected twist, Jungkook decided to use both pairs at once. Eagle-eyed fans didn’t miss the detail.

ARMYs quickly took to Twitter to comment on Jungkook teaching them something new yet again. They even wondered how it was possible to hold so many chopsticks at once.

It looks like Jungkook is living in 2030 from such a simple yet effective hack.

Source: Weverse Live


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