Once Again, BTS’s Jungkook Is Chosen For One Of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men”

He’s the only K-Pop idol to make this list!

Recently, People Magazine released a list called “Sexy at Every Age”, which chooses one male celebrity to represent each age between 18 and 70 that deserves the title of sexiest man at their age for 2022.

People Magazine’s logo

The list includes well-known western artists such as Liam PayneNick Jonas, and Austin Butler, among many other high-ranking celebrities.

Jungkook (BTS)

And for the age of 25, BTS‘s Jungkook was chosen as the representative sexiest man for his age!

“Sexy at Every Age” 2022 list by People Magazine

This isn’t the first time that Jungkook as made it onto one of People Magazine’s “sexiest men” lists either. Back in 2020, he was also included on their “Sexiest Man Alive 2020” list, where he was named the “Sexiest International Man Alive”. It just goes to show how recognized the BTS maknae is worldwide!


“Sexiest Man Alive 2020” list by People Magazine

Of course, K-Pop fans are already well-aware of Jungkook’s gorgeous visuals, but that doesn’t make his accomplishment of making it onto a foreign magazine’s list any less impressive!

BTS’s members have all made their mark on the world in many different ways, and it’s always a delight to see their hard work, effort, and appeal pay off.

Source: The Qoo