BTS’s Jungkook Covers A Viral TikTok Song, Sending The Original Artist On A “Thank You” Spree Across Social Media

Because one platform simply isn’t enough when it’s Jungkook.

After weeks of being MIA, BTS‘s Jungkook finally returned to Weverse on May 25, KST. He spent an hour hanging out with fans and doing what he does best- singing his heart out!

The golden maknae updated fans about his online whereabouts these days. Apparently, after deleting his Instagram, Jungkook has migrated to TikTok, but he only watches the content there and has no plans for posting anything soon.

Thanks to his TikTok surfing, Jungkook revealed that he has now become addicted to the song “Night Dancer,” which is one of the trending audios on the platform in Korea. The song was the first Japanese track to crack into Melon’s Top 100 chart.

Jungkook then played the original song while talking about how much he liked it, hitting the moves of the TikTok dance that is trending with the track as well! In fact, he said it’s become the staple tune he keeps humming throughout the day, no matter what he is doing.

He enjoys the song so much that he even said he wanted to make similar songs in the future!

Later during the livestream, Jungkook started singing covers of other artists’ tracks, including SEVENTEEN’s “Super,” FIFTY FIFTY’s “Cupid,” and Taeyang’s “Seed.” He also covered “Night Dancer” and flawlessly sang along to the Japanese lyrics.

A few minutes after all this went down, Imase, the the 21-year-old Japanese artist behind “Night Dancer,” came running to Twitter, completely bewildered that Jungkook acknowledged his song so much during his livestream.

He also thanked Jungkook on his Instagram livestream, that was happening simultaneously with the BTS member’s Weverse broadcast.

A little while later, he posted another video thanking Jungkook on TikTok as well!

Fans are very endeared to see Imase’s genuine excitement and wish him more success in his career.


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