BTS Jungkook’s Dad Gifts ARMY With His Mind Blowing Talent

Just a bunch of artistic heartthrobs!

BTS‘s Jungkook is more than famous for his musical talents – killer vocals and dancing skills.


His older brother is also a mega talented artist, who’s famous for his unique interpretation of the members!


Well, it appears the two brothers got their talented artistic skills from their dad! Jungkook uploaded a drawing of himself by his dad onto Twittter, and it can easily be mistaken as a photo!


Jungkook explained that his dad drew a picture of him as a gift for their fans. Jungkook’s dad also loves ARMY as much as the members do!

“My dad prepared a gift for ARMYs… #JK #TalentedDad #MyTalentIsOnly1%OfMyDadsTalent #BestDad #ILoveYouARMY #DadLovesARMYToo”

— Jungkook


Not only is Jungkook’s dad talented, he’s also famous for his dashing, youthful look!


The apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree!