BTS Jungkook’s Heartbreaking “Decalcomania” Update Has Us In Tears

Try not to cry…too much.

Get your tissues ready and prepare to sob, ARMY. Jungkook has shared an update about “Decalcomania.”

Jungkook | @Daily_JKUpdate/Twitter

On his 22nd birthday, Jungkook released a preview of his in-progress English song, “Decalcomania.” Decalcomania is a technique, commonly used by surrealist artists, that involves transferring designs from paper to other surfaces, such as pottery. (Think “decal.”) In the lyrics, Jungkook uses decalcomania as a metaphor for self-exploration and identity.

All the numbers too big
Can’t get out of your game
Oh I want to paint it like you

I want to be your decalcomania

— “Decalcomania” lyrics

For two years, fans have patiently waited to hear a final version of “Decalcomania” on Jungkook’s first mixtape, nicknamed JJK1. Unfortunately, that might not happen now.

During BTS’s Zoom fan meeting, an ARMY asked Jungkook about “Decalcomania.” It turns out that the song no longer exists anywhere except Jungkook’s Twitter recording and in his memory. He erased the files but says he could recreate them.

Even so, some fans are mourning the heartbreaking loss of this beloved song and coming to terms with the fact that they might never hear its final version.

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