BTS’s V Updates ARMYs About His Upcoming Mixtape’s Tracklist

He’s made some new changes.

During a recent fan meeting, BTS‘s V revealed some new information about his highly-anticipated mixtape dubbed KTH1.

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Originally, he revealed he had around 13 tracks prepared for his mixtapes, but his plans have currently changed.


Eventually, V revealed he wasn’t satisfied with the music he created and was trying to remake many of the tracks.

I have one song that was given to me, and 10 that I made myself, but I started to not listen to them, and I worried that it would be the same for ARMYs, so I’m slowly remaking [the songs] step by step.

I’m working hard.

— V

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However, his most recent update shows how seriously he’s taking his mixtape. Out of 15 tracks that he currently had prepared, he’s removed 12 of them. With only three tracks remaining, he revealed he’s currently taking a rest from working on his mixtape now.

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As V previously stated with Rolling Stone, making a mixtape is a lot of work.

Working on my own tape means that I have to do everything related to all the songs on the album. I have to take part in writing the lyrics and the melodies for all the songs and the production process.

— V

Combined with BTS’s busy schedule, it can take a long time to prepare a mixtape. However, it will certainly be worth the wait!

But what is good about it is it gives me an opportunity to show who I am, and show the music that really has the color of Kim Taehyung, the color of V, to our ARMY. So that’s great opportunity of course, and that’s what makes creating this mixtape so much fun and fulfilling.

— V

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