BTS’s Jungkook Draws His Hyungs…And The Results Might Get Him In Trouble

These are hilarious! 🤣

Recently, Jungkook was inspired to draw each of his fellow BTS members as snowmen, using their own unique characteristics. As expected, the final drawings are bound to give ARMYs a good laugh!

1. RM

Jungkook chose to make RM stand out by making him tall and full of muscles. He also added thick lips to mimic RM’s facial features.

The final result: A totally ripped snowman!


2. Jin

For Jin, Jungkook focused on creating a snowman with wide shoulders.

With shoulders as wide as the ocean, his snowman is a perfect match!


3. Suga

He chose to recreate Suga’s cranky personality through his facial expression and puffy cheeks.

Jungkook totally nailed it!


4. J-Hope

J-Hope is known for being cool and always dancing, so Jungkook drew him doing what he does best.

Busting a move, this snowman is a dancing pro just like J-Hope.


5. Jimin

Jungkook focused on Jimin’s cute expression with downwards tilting eyes and his small stature.

Jimin hyung is complete!


6. V

Drawing V like a sculpture, Jungkook made sure to capture his handsome visuals.

This sharp sketch looks just like V!