BTS’s Jungkook Drops Major Spoilers About Two Upcoming Projects On “Suchwita”

ARMYs have their schedules packed!

Following the successful release of his first solo album, BTS member Jungkook appeared on the latest episode of Suga’s YouTube variety show, Suchwita.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

The two members spent the episode discussing various topics, including Jungkook’s solo album release, their performance together during Suga’s world tour, and the future of BTS. However, the conversation unexpectedly flowed toward a major spoiler about Jungkook’s future activity.

Jungkook (left) with Suga (right) | @BTS/YouTube

While Jungkook was talking about his solo song, Suga brought up that Jimin and Jungkook actually filmed something together. He mentioned that Jimin told him they had traveled to the US to have drinks together.

But the very following day, Suga had received a call from the duo while they were at a camping site.

Upon Suga asking for clarification, Jungkook revealed that Jimin had once proposed the idea of doing a travel variety show with Jungkook. Though both of them had agreed to the idea years ago, it never actualized until the production suddenly got greenlit recently.

But Jungkook said the filming was a “mess,” as things got way too funny after Jimin arrived at the shoot. He proceeded to give two detailed spoilers about the incident, which the Suchwita editors didn’t leave at the mercy of the infamous sugar cube and actually edited out to prevent spoiling too much.

The second big announcement in the episode concerns a solo documentary of Jungkook. The BTS maknae revealed that he was in the process of filming a documentary that would showcase his artistic trajectory from “Seven” to his album Golden.

Though he has experience in documentary filming with BTS, doing it on his own was not easy for Jungkook. The singer confessed that he felt “pressured” to be doing something interesting while being in the camera’s focus at all times.

Neither of these projects has released any further information about their release dates, but for ARMYs, they couldn’t come fast enough!