BTS Jungkook’s Erased Tattoos Aren’t Fooling Fans In These Official Photos

Jungkook’s ink was edited out of BTS’s latest promo photos.

The “are they real or not” debate about BTS Jungkook‘s tattoos is ongoing, but fans agree that they didn’t disappear overnight.


Back in September, Jungkook arrived at the airport with a new hand tattoo on full display. On this day, he and his members flew to New Zealand to film their travel-reality show, Bon Voyage 4. 


In anticipation of the show’s release date (November 19), Big Hit Entertainment has dropped several teasers, preview clips, and now some behind the scenes photos from the first episode. In most of the photos, Jungkook’s tattooed hand is out of sight.


In two photos, however, Jungkook’s hand is out in the open…but something’s missing!


It appears that the Photoshop fairies at Big Hit Entertainment worked their magic on Jungkook’s ink.


Now fans are playfully exposing the truth behind these photos. A little editing can’t fool ARMY!