BTS’s Jungkook Has Sparked Another “Is It Real?” Tattoo Debate

He was spotted at the airport with brand new ink.

Is Jungkook‘s new tattoo real or fake? Curious minds want to know!


Jungkook isn’t the first BTS member to get fans talking about his ink. Ever since Jimin graced the stage with this “NEVERMIND” tattoo for his “Serendipity” solo, fans have been comparing timelines and photos, trying to conclude whether it’s stage makeup or not.


On September 16, a source from Big Hit Entertainment announced that BTS has ended their vacation, and they will soon be filming a reality show overseas. At the airport, Jungkook’s rumored hand tattoo was on full display.


“ARMY” is the main part of his tattoo, but it also includes the letter “J”, a crown, and a heart.


Several fans who crossed paths with Jungkook during his vacation mentioned the tattoo online. As of now, it’s unclear whether his ink is permanent or temporary.


If Jungkook did get inked for real though, many fans wouldn’t be surprised. In the past, he said that he wanted to get a tattoo when he became an adult, and he’s also named “tattooist” as one of his dream careers.


Real or not, fans hope that Jungkook enjoyed his rest, and they’re thrilled to have him back!