BTS’s “Jungkook Presley” Flaunts Sideburns As “The King Of Memes”

It’s the look nobody asked for, but everyone needed.

Elvis has left the building, and Jungkook has arrived!

On June 1, BTS released their annual family portraits for FESTA. Each photo set takes place at a different location with different outfits, but Jungkook’s funky look is grabbing everybody’s attention.

Are those…sideburns? And Elvis sunglasses? As the King of Rock and Roll would say, yes, “thank you, thank you very much!”

ARMYs weren’t expecting this meme-able look, but it’s weird and wonderful, just like their Golden Maknae, especially with his coconut hair!

According to this fan, the sunglasses have already started to sell out online…

…and “sideburns” have become a trending topic in Korea.

Jungkook isn’t the only member who is making unusual phrases trend. Jin‘s missing seat is already a legend!

BTS’s Jin And His Invisible Chair Are Trending, Thanks To K-ARMY