BTS’s Jungkook Is “Embarrassed” Of Falling Asleep During Weverse Live

Jimmy Fallon loves it, though!

Although it wouldn’t be the first time that BTS‘s Jungkook fell asleep during a live broadcast, he garnered attention for it four months ago due to the POV angle in bed.

Even late-night host and comedian Jimmy Fallon knew about it, as he mentioned Weverse during Jungkook’s recent guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

You go on this livestream sometimes. It’s called Weverse.

— Jimmy Fallon

| @FallonTonight/X

Jimmy listed the various things Jungkook is known to do during his Weverse Lives. Yet, Jimmy revealed his favorite is when Jungkook fell asleep.

Sometimes, you do karaoke. Sometimes, you’re cooking.  But this thing that made me laugh… This is my favorite thing you did. You fell asleep.

— Jimmy Fallon

| @FallonTonight/X

Jimmy marveled at the amount of ARMYs that joined the Weverse Live to watch Jungkook nap!

And you fell asleep and slept for 45 minutes. Everyone, 6 million people, tuned in to watch you sleep.

— Jimmy Fallon

| @FallonTonight/X

Jimmy Fallon also asked, “Did you feel sleepy going in? What happened?” Jungkook explained why he thinks ARMYs enjoyed it, but he confessed that he was actually a little embarrassed!

I think my fans, ARMY, like it because it was something very unexpected. But, actually, it’s a little embarrassing.

— Jungkook

| @FallonTonight/X

Jimmy said he wanted to try livestreaming his sleep, but he wasn’t sure how it would go. So, Jungkook reassured him he would join.

| @FallonTonight/X

Jimmy Fallon: I want to do this too. I think it’s so funny! I think it’s great. I’m going to try this and see how many people tune in to watch me sleep. But I snore, so it’s going to be rough.

Jungkook: I’ll see you, I’ll see you!

Jimmy Fallon: You’ll watch it? Thanks. I appreciate it.

Now, Weverse has even offered Jimmy Fallon an invitation to join the platform!

Will Jimmy Fallon be the next celebrity to join Weverse?

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