BTS Jungkook’s Track “Euphoria” Actually Inspired The Director Of Box Office Hit Movie “In Our Prime”

The movie beat “The Batman” at the box office!

Since debuting in 2013, BTS has become an influence to so many people, whether it is ARMYs, musicians, or even directors. In particular, one person who has recently caught the attention of ARMYs for his influence on a blockbuster Korean movie is member Jungkook.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Recently, the Korean movie In Our Prime has topped box office ratings for two days straight in Korea and even beat The Batman.

The movie is about about a North Korean defector who is also a math genius, played by Choi Min Sik. He works as a security guard at a high school to hide his identity and meets a student (Kim Dong Hwi) who has given up on math.

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The director of the movie Park Dong Hoon recently sat down in an exclusive interview where he spoke all about the movie, what it was like filming during COVID-19, and much more.

Director Park Dong Hoon | YTN

In particular, he spoke about how it was BTS’s Jungkook, particularly his hit track “Euphoria” that influenced him when it came to casting the movie. Park Dong Hoon met with over 250 actors before deciding on Kim Dong Hwi, and it was all because of the track.

Park Dong Hoon explained that before making the movie, he would listen to “Euphoria” on a regular basis and thought it seemed like the perfect movie soundtrack.

Before making the movie, I thought that BTS Jungkook’s song, ‘Euphoria’ suited the movie well. I listened to it every day while going to work. The song felt like a boy greeting the dawn.

— Park Dong Hoon

BTS’s Jungkook while filming “Euphoria”

This feeling he felt through the song allowed him to see the character Han Ji Woo more clearly and how Dong Hwi seemed to be the perfect fit.

When I first saw Donghwi, he felt like someone that didn’t have anything set in stone. He was also very confident. He even edited the audition script. When I asked his reason why, the way he answered clearly made me think that Ji Woo needed a personality like this. I cast him because he had the mindset of an adventurer.

— Park Dong Hoon

Kim Dong Hwi (left) and Choi Min Sik (right)

There is no denying that “Euphoria” is such an inspiring song to many people worldwide. It sends messages of hope and energy to whoever listens to it.


Even Stray Kids‘ leader Bang Chan once shared that the solo track had such a special meaning for him during a broadcast of Chan’s Room.

First, the lyrics are just so beautiful. I think it’s a song that really, really gives me strength. The word ‘euphoria’ is, whenever you listen to it, it makes you feel really [uplifted]. It’s a word that lifts you up.

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/ VLIVE

He then explained that out of all reasons he enjoyed the song, it was most meaningful to him because of how it had helped him. Whenever he was feeling down, he explained that listening to “Euphoria” helped him to recharge his energy and feel more positive.

And, the song, it gives you lots of energy when you listen to it. When I’m working, or if things don’t go the way I pictured, I’d listen to this song, and I feel very, very good. It makes me feel so much better.

— Bang Chan

| Stray Kids/ VLIVE

Jungkook’s message through his words and songs continues to influence people worldwide. With the movie’s continued success, it was touching that the director ensured that Jungkook was given the credit he was due, even if the idol’s help was indirect.

You can read more about the impact of “Euphoria” below.

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Source: YTN