ARMY Is Taking Jungkook To New Heights With Extravagant Birthday Projects

Fans are letting the whole world know who the birthday boy is.

Fans’ love for BTS‘s Jungkook is only getting stronger with time, and this year they’re celebrating his special day in big ways!

On September 1, fans all of the world unveiled their birthday projects for the Golden Maknae. One Jungkook’s largest fanbases, @Jungkook__China, is responsible for many of these projects, including video messages at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France…

| @taetaewithluv/

…and The Marquis Theatre in New York.

@Jungkook___China also painted this mural in London that features Jungkook’s life motto “rather be dead than cool”.

Fans also banded together to create this larger than life Ferris wheel birthday project at the Everland theme park in Seoul.


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According to K-ARMYs, BTS were recently spotted filming at Everland, which means there’s a good chance that Jungkook saw the Ferris wheel in person.

| @taebokkiii/

This year, fans have created over 500 birthday projects worldwide for Jungkook, breaking 2019’s record. Both K-ARMYs and I-ARMYs are pulling out all the stops to show Jungkook how much they love him!

For more, check out yet another @Jungkook___China extravaganza here:

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