BTS’s Jungkook Has Everyone Falling In Love With How Long His Hair’s Grown

“Stop whatever it is you’re doing and look how long [his] hair is now.” – Fan

On top of BTS snatching up over five awards at the Melon Music Awards 2020 and performing a number of their hit songs, Jungkook made his way into viewers’ and fans’ hearts with how handsome he looked with even longer hair.

Since Jungkook typically keeps his hair pulled back during performances, fans were in for a treat when he let his hair down during their awards acceptance speech.

| @kookpics/Twitter

Without it being styled, fans were amazed to find that it had grown so long in such a short amount of time. ARMYs were loving the look so much that it became the talk of Twitter, alongside his stellar performing.

| @kookpics/Twitter

With Jungkook’s hair growing beautifully by the day, fans are already prepared for what it’d look like if it fully reached his shoulders.

However long Jungkook grows his hair, he’ll definitely rock the look and having everyone falling for him even harder.

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