Chaos Ensues When Rogue Fan Evades Security And Dashes Towards BTS’s Jungkook

The fan reportedly lunged at the idol twice.

A Japanese fan is making news after she evaded security and started dashing toward BTS‘s Jungkook.

Jungkook | Star News

On July 12, a Twitter user’s post went viral. In their post, the netizen uploaded a video of Jungkook greeting fans at the airport on his way to New York.

The video then shows an alarming scene when a reported Japanese fan evaded security and ran toward Jungkook.

Fan (purple) runs toward Jungkook

Thankfully, security guards were able to block the fan from getting any closer to Jungkook.

Netizens criticized the fan for causing a dangerous scene. Many fans were relieved that Jungkook seemed not to be aware of the incident.

  • “Is she crazy? I’m at peace, though, knowing the security guards were there.”
  • “It’s a relief that Jungkook didn’t see her.”
  • “That’s how you security guard. Reminds me of Britney Spears.”
  • “What? Check yourself.”
  • “It’s a relief that Jungkook didn’t know what happened. I was shocked.”
  • “Wow. It’s a relief that Jungkook didn’t see her.”
  • “Stuff like this makes me worry for celebrities’ mental health. Even though it didn’t happen to me, it still gives me the chills.”
  • “The security guard did a great job.”
  • “Good thing Jungkook didn’t see. Is she crazy?”
  • “She ran at him twice.”

Meanwhile, Jungkook is on his way to New York to perform for Good Morning America‘s 2023 Summer Concert Series, held at Central Park.

Source: theqoo