BTS’s Jungkook Reveals How It Felt When Filming “Blood Sweat & Tears” Floating Scene

Here’s what the maknae had to say about that iconic scene.

Of the memorable scenes in BTS‘s “Blood Sweat & Tears” music video, Jungkook‘s scene where he’s floating in the air of a beautiful room is forever stunning.

Remembering the filming from five years ago, Jungkook recently shared how it felt to wear the strings that suspended him in the air.

In a behind-the-scenes moment from their E NOW interview, host Sakshma Srivastav expressed her surprise that Jungkook hadn’t mentioned his suspension scene—in response to a question that wasn’t aired. After doing a pose to mimick flying, the maknae revealed it was a smooth process.

While other idols have mentioned that being suspended in the air by strings was uncomfortable, Jungkook thought the opposite of his time floating in the air. He loved every moment of it.

It’s not that hard. You wear a belt, and they suspend you. And that’s it. It’s really fun.

— Jungkook

From the relaxed way Jungkook was swinging around in other scenes of the music video, he seemed to be having a fun time. Maybe that’s why Jungkook decided to take to the air for his “Euphoria” concert stages.

See the behind-the-scenes moment Jungkook recalled the iconic “Blood Sweat & Tears” scene.