BTS’s Jungkook Finally Joins The “Hype Boy” Dance Challenge Trend

The best things come when you least expect them.

BTS member Jungkook has finally joined the long roster of K-celebrities who participated in the “Hype Boy” challenge over the past few months.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that NewJeans took over the K-Pop industry with their debut EP in August 2022. All four tracks from the record achieved global success, but “Hype Boy” is in a league of its own. After the song’s choreography hit the internet, hardly anyone left in South Korea who hadn’t participated in the dance challenge on social media. During events, fans of different celebrities would request them to dance on “Hype Boy” because that’s how popular the challenge was and still is on social media.

BTS, being the same-label seniors of NewJeans, have shown their support for the group on multiple occasions. From RM and J-Hope jamming along to their live performance at the W Korea party

to Jungkook singing their songs during his livestream,

it’s evident that BTS members love NewJeans’ music. But none of them ever participated in the “Hype Boy” challenge on social media. That was until yesterday, when Jungkook finally did it! During his two-hour-long Weverse live, the BTS maknae pretty much had a home party with ARMYs, drinking beer, singing some 30 songs, and chatting with fans in between.

He also occasionally threw in a move or two, mostly when he had to get up to fetch something or go to the restroom. When he got up to get his beer, “Hype Boy” was playing in the background. On his way back from the fridge to the couch, Jungkook suddenly busted out into the choreo with a can of beer in one hand and a glass in the other.

Judging by the ease with which he was moving, Jungkook definitely has the choreography memorized. We are grateful for the crumbs but can’t help imagining how legendary it would be if he ever decides to post the full dance!


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