BTS’s Jungkook Finally Shares The Full Story Of His Fight With Jimin During Their Trainee Days

Turns out, its’ even more dramatic than people initially assumed.

Sometimes, the BTS members share their inside stories in bits and pieces that tease ARMYs’ curiosity. One such unsolved mystery was Jungkook and Jimin‘s fight during trainee days that ended in a cinematic reconciliation in the rain.

Jungkook and Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

On June 13, 2020, during their seventh-anniversary celebration as a group, BTS released a video where they recreated their first “birthday party” as a group, sharing stories from their debut days. Jungkook brought up an old fight with Jimin, making them both laugh. Though they didn’t mention the details, Jungkook revealed that he had gotten into an argument with Jimin, leading to both of them leaving the practice room angrily.

However, after some time, Jimin kept getting calls from Jungkook, and when he finally picked it up, the maknae apologized. Jimin, still angry, asked Jungkook if he should go pick him up, but he had wandered off absent-mindedly after the fight and couldn’t tell Jimin exactly where he was.

Jungkook took a taxi to return to their dorms, where Jimin was waiting for him in the rain. The two hugged it out.

That’s where the K-Drama-esque story ended during that FESTA video. However, the question of what led to such a huge fight between the two members has been haunting fans forever since then. So, an ARMY took their chance and asked Jungkook about it during his recent livestream on June 5, KST. After noticing the question, Jungkook shared a more detailed version of the incident.

In explaining the context, Jungkook said that during his trainee days, his speaking was a bit harsh, which even got the “angel” J-Hope mad at him. Apparently, the older members had warned Jungkook about his temperament a few times. Though now he couldn’t remember why exactly, Jungkook guessed that Jimin had once pulled him aside to talk to him about something similar.

Despite knowing he was at fault, Jungkook couldn’t let go of his pride, feeling that what he said was not entirely wrong either. So, Jimin got angry and left, saying he won’t care for Jungkook anymore.

Jungkook was supposed to head home from there, but instead, he thoughtlessly walked around and eventually wandered into an unknown neighborhood. He felt wronged in the situation and went back and forth between calling Jimin to apologize. When he finally decided to call, Jimin picked up, asking, “What are you doing right now?… Where are you?” Jungkook teared up on the call and told him he didn’t know his exact location. But he took a taxi back to their dorms, and it started raining. Jimin was waiting for him outside, and once Jungkook arrived, the two went to the rooftop and talked things out. Finally, the two hugged and went inside.

Jungkook also mentioned that his eyes were completely swollen from all the crying the next day.

After hearing the full version of the story, ARMYs are surprised how the entire incident was even more dramatic than they had initially imagined. At the same time, they could feel how emotionally charged BTS’s early days were and how much effort they had to put in to be where they are today, both professionally and in terms of their friendship. Jungkook’s version of the story has also gotten fans excited to see if the members talk about any more of such incidents in their upcoming memoir, Beyond the Story: 10 Year Record of BTS.


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