BTS’s Jungkook Flexes His Wealth Again, Purchasing A $7 Million USD Home In Itaewon

A rich house for a rich man.

BTS‘s Jungkook is once again showing off his deserved wealth, this time with the purchase of his new single-family house.

According to an exclusive report from Etoday,  Jungkook purchased a single-family (detached or not connected to any other houses) in November for the price of ₩7.63 billion KRW ($7,050,940 USD). The house is 2 floors, was built in 1976, and spans 70 pyeong (230.72 square meters or 2483 square feet).

His new house is located in the affluent area of Itaewon, famous for being the home to numerous celebrities including Rain and Kim Tae Hee. It is also a common home for foreign diplomats, as many national embassies are located in the Itaewon area. Jungkook’s new home is just a five minute drive from Nine One Hannam, which is known as BTS’s dorm. Funny enough, his new home is actually smaller than BTS’s dorm, as the smallest size at Nine One Hannam is 75 pyeong.

| Nine One Hannam.

Many celebrities are purchasing homes in the Itaewon area due to the geographic advantages it has in Seoul, being central to the entire city. Park Myung Soo and Hwang Jung Eum are just two celebrities who have purchased luxury homes in the area recently. In addition, back in October 2020, Jungkook sold his apartment at the luxury Trimage complex.

Source: Etoday