BTS’s Jungkook Sells His Luxury High-Rise Apartment For Over $2 Million USD

He kept the apartment without living in it for two years.

BTS‘s Jungkook was reported to have sold his luxury high-rise apartment recently. He had previously purchased a home in the Trimage apartment complex located in the Seoul Forest area. The apartments sell at a high price due to the unparalleled view of the Han River and prime location in the heart of Seoul.

| BigHit Entertainment

Jungkook previously made the purchase in 2018, for an apartment on the 17th floor of block 101 in the complex. He paid around ₩1.95 billion KRW ($1.7 million USD) back then. It was reported that he later sold it for ₩2.05 billion KRW ($2.19 million USD). He had put the house up on the market in July 2020. Despite the slight margin, due to taxes and other registration fees, it is likely that he did not earn any profits.

| BigHit Entertainment

It was reported that although he was in possession of the luxury apartment, he had not once lived in it. Instead, he had been living in the BTS dorms as provided by BigHit Entertainment. BTS is reported to currently house their dorm in Hannam The Hill, also known as one of the most expensive buildings in Seoul. Fellow groupmate, J-Hope, still stays in his apartment in Trimage.

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Other celebrities that are known to live in Trimage include Super Junior‘s Leeteuk, Siwon and Donghae, Girl’s Day‘s Yura and Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny.


Source: Insight