BTS’s Jungkook Had The Flirtiest Response To An ARMY’s Request During A Live Broadcast

It sent ARMYs into meltdown!

When it comes to the BTS members, they can seem so sweet and romantic, sharing their true personalities through their music, actions, and words to ARMYs. In particular, Jungkook has always shown a romantic side and has been regularly referred to as “Boyfriend” material by fans worldwide.

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However, BTS’s maknae Jungkook recently showcased a more flirty side that had ARMYs going into a meltdown.

On April 5 (KST), Jungkook surprised fans when he went live in his hotel room to chat to fans about everything from the 2022 GRAMMYs, the upcoming PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS shows, and even treated ARMYs to his beautiful singing voice. The atmosphere seemed very intimate as the lights were dimmed in the idol’s hotel room.

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It seems like the mood and music meant that both ARMYs and Jungkook were in very flirty moods. During the broadcast, an ARMY messaged the idol with a very flirty message, adding, “Oppa, can you be my girlfriend even for just 5 seconds?


As soon as he read out the message, Jungkook had a very cheeky look on his face, and netizens were rightly worried when the idol gave out one of the flirtiest responses ever. After looking at the question, Jungkook replied with the phrase, “You want me? (laughs) Try and get me…


When the video was shared online, netizens rightly couldn’t contain their excitement and emotions about how Jungkook replied. In particular, they joked about how flirty Jungkook was being and how it was so publically. Unsurprisingly, many went into meltdown as soon as he said those words.

Of course, thousands of ARMYs worldwide were probably screaming with emotions after hearing the response, and Jungkook continues to prove to be true boyfriend material…

However, it shouldn’t be too surprising as the members of BTS have recently been very open about their flirtiness with ARMYs.

During a Q&A with member V, an ARMY seemed to be in a romantic mood as they messaged, “Tonight, let’s see the stars together?” In his reply, V replied in a very flirty way saying, “In exactly two hours, look <at the stars> from over there. I’ll look <at them> from here.

| @thv/ Instagram
| @thv/ Instagram 

Whether it’s the Las Vegas air or just his personality, ARMYs were obsessed with Jungkook’s flirty reply to the fan, and it showcases just how charismatic he is.

You can read about more times the members of BTS have been flirty below.

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