Here’s Why Netizens Think BTS’s Jungkook Is A True Foodie

Do you agree with this?

BTS‘s Jungkook is full of passion about everything he does…and this most definitely includes eating! Netizens recently pointed out some of the telltale signs that Jungkook is a true foodie.

First, even before eating, Jungkook has the biggest smile spread across his face.

| Naver

The anticipation is killing him…


…and his face shows that he can’t wait to chow down!

| Naver

Next, when talking about food, he’s envisioning just how delicious it will be. He can’t even hide it while giving the members cooking instructions!

Last but not least, he has a serious talent: He can eat fries while he’s sleeping!


Realistically, there’s only one true reason he can be considered a foodie.

That’s his tremendous love of food! Whether he’s reaching for multiple servings, like when he ate two of Suga‘s homemade sandwiches…

…or when he eats deliciously to the point of dancing, his happiness can’t be contained.

He also put his cooking skills to the test during this season of In The Soop, where he consistently showed his chef prowess and helped feed the members.


Of course, he cleans just well as he cooks and eats!

Watching the youngest eat well fills both ARMYs’ and the BTS members’ hearts, so eat up, Jungkook!

Source: TheQoo


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