The BTS Members Reveal How Competitive Jungkook Actually Is

Meanwhile, Jungkook has a different opinion of himself!

From episodes of Run BTS! to various video games the members play together, BTS‘s “Golden Maknae” Jungkook is known for always giving everything 100% of his effort! Recently, the members dished on how much he loves to win.

He showed his true competitive spirit during BTS’s game of Free Fire. After unexpectedly being the first one to lose, he couldn’t wait to redeem himself in another game.

However, that didn’t stop him from blaming the small gaming equipment for his loss!

The older members stood up to explain his personality — J-Hope knows just how competitive Jungkook is, while Suga wants to take this opportunity to take down the Gamer God himself for a second time!

Despite Jungkook believing he’s not as competitive as he used to be, another member chimed in with a story.

While playing a game with V, Jungkook threatened to quit if things didn’t go his way!

But of course, in typical Jungkook fashion, his strong will made him a winner in the end.

However, when the time really comes to accept defeat, he will. He just needs one more game to prove it!

Check out the full video of BTS playing Free Fire below.