BTS’s Jungkook Is Gaining Attention For His Reaction To An International ARMY’s Comment During His Live Broadcast

While international fans focused on Jungkook, Korean fans loved the comment!

When it comes to the members of BTS, they always showcase their love for ARMYs, even if it isn’t always on a grand scale. The group has fans from across the world and, although there might be language barriers, the members always try their best.

Recently, Jungkook gained attention for his actions after reading an international ARMY’s request during a live broadcast.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

On February 11, Jungkook shocked fans when he started a surprise live broadcast and revealed his new wolf cut…

BTS Jungkook on Weverse live | BTS/Weverse

According to Korean outlets, the idol showed his influence by attracting 9.8 million viewers for his workout.

| BTS/Weverse

Along with his dazzling visuals, Jungkook excited fans as he showcased his boxing skills along with his trainer. The idol explained that he would be coming live more often, to the excitement of fans.

| BTS/Weverse

| BTS/Weverse   

Yet, one moment that became a hot topic amongst netizens came after the idol’s response to an international ARMY’s request.

During the live broadcast, the term “The Chair” was trending on social media because, while Jungkook was showcasing his immense boxing skills, many fans noticed that the idol wasn’t fully visible because there was a chair blocking the bottom of the screen.

Although Jungkook was busy flexing his skills, the idol was still monitoring the comments, and a Korean forum shone a light on one from an international ARMY.

The fan might not have known how to write in Korean, but they seemingly understood the language as they hilariously wrote, “Move the chair jebal,” using the romanization of the Korean word for “Please.”

The comment gaining attention from Korean netizens | theqoo

As expected, ARMYs on social media couldn’t hide their reaction when Jungkook finally moved the chair!

| BTS/Weverse 

While international ARMYs celebrated the move with hilarious memes and comments on Twitter…

Koreans focused more on the hilarious comment they thought had caused Jungkook’s actions, commenting “jebal” and then the laughter sound “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.”

| theqoo

As always, Jungkook ensured to interact with fans and read their comments so that they felt listened to, and it also meant that ARMYs could see more of his incredible boxing skills.

You can read more from the live broadcast below.

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Source: Weverse and theqoo

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