BTS′s Jungkook Gives A Full Breakdown Of His Tattoos During His Recent Weverse Live

Not all of them are random designs.

On February 2, KST, BTS‘s Jungkook spent long hours on Weverse doing live broadcasts singing for his fans and interacting with them. During the first live, the BTS maknae decided to explain some of his tattoos that have been a point of curiosity for ARMYs for some years now.

ARMY tattoo and the rest of his palm:

Jungkook shared that it was the first tattoo he got. He intentionally got it done on such a body part that it would be easily visible because he is very proud of ARMYs. The ARMY logo and purple heart also have the same meaning behind them. He intentionally placed the crown tattoo over the “A” of ARMY, and the “J” on his finger is for his name JK. He also got his favorite emoticon tattooed on his middle finger,

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He also has BTS’s debut date, 06/13, tattooed on the side of his palm.


Moving onto his sleeve, Jungkook pointed out that he had the date he came to Seoul tattooed on his forearm, along with two wise sayings that he likes, crisscrossing each other—”Rather be dead than cool” and “Make hay while the sun shines.

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He also has his birth flower, the Tiger Flower, tattooed on his forearm, along with the phrase “Please love me” written behind it.

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Next is the big clock, which shows the exact time of Jungkook’s birth. It’s tied to a microphone with a chain, which signifies that he was born to be a singer.

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There are two tattoos near his elbow, one being the Chinese letters signifying Hwayangyeonha (HYYH or The Most Beautiful Moment in Life) and another design inspired by traditional Korean paintwork, dancheong.

HYYH Tattoo of Jungkook | Twitter

A “dancheong” artwork | Wikipedia

A “dancheong”-inspired tattoo on Jungkooks elbow | Twitter


Jungkook explained the stories behind some of his cover-up tattoos as well. He has a cloud and lightning tattoo near his elbow pit, which originally used to be a different design. He had the initial design tattooed in the US while filming the “ON” music video. But the experience wasn’t pleasant for him since the procedure hurt a lot, and his arm became inflamed afterward. So, he had it covered up with the cloud design, which he then retouched to add colors to it.

He then talked about his “Bullet Proof” tattoo on his forearm. Originally, he had an eye design there, which was meant to signify that he should always be careful of his actions because many people are watching him all the time. The eye was positioned deliberately at such an angle that Jungkook couldn’t see it without folding his arms. But he got it covered up with something new since many people didn’t seem to like the design and felt that it looked like the Illuminati symbol.

Jungkook also used to have a tattoo near his wrist area, which looked like three parallel lines. It was the symbol “Geon,” which represents heaven in Korean culture. But he got it covered up into a snake because many people didn’t seem to like the original design. The snake is supposed to denote growth, as it is an animal that sheds skin.

There are definitely a few more tattoos on his upper arm that Jungkook didn’t cover in this “tattoo tour,” as ARMYs are calling it. But that only leaves room for expectation for the next time he has hours to kill on a Weverse live with fans!