BTS’s Jungkook Gives New Updates About His Mixtape, And ARMYs Are Excited

Fans are eagerly anticipating it!

For years, fans have been anticipating and getting excited about the clues and updates BTS‘s Jungkook has been giving about his mixtape, which fans have titled JJK1. Back in May, following the release of the group’s track “Butter,” Jungkook gave a quick update on the status of his mixtape during an interview with Billboard.

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It seems as if there is another update from Jungkook about the progress of the mixtape. During an interview with Weverse, Jungkook talked about not performing in front of fans and how it’s made him realize how much he took things for granted.

When asked if he was disappointed because it was his time to shine as a vocalist, Jungkook joked, “Well, I really need to hurry up and make a mixtape, first of all.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

It seems as if Jungkook is as anxious as ARMY to listen to the mixtape on repeat. After bringing up the topic, he was asked how creating music for it was going. Yet, despite working on it even before going to the interview, it was a marathon rather than a sprint.

I could just make it about myself, and then it would be like, I started as a trainee when I was 13, I worked hard, and found success. But anyone could do that. So I keep thinking I want to make up my own original, complex story and write the songs from there. And it’d be nice to have a cohesive flow to the tracklist, but even if it’s all jumbled up, that’s fine, too, as long the good songs keep on coming.

— Jungkook

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In particular, Jungkook also explained that he has a specific way of approaching the album because of these reasons. It seems as if, when the mixtape comes out, fans will be treated to several genres and styles that reflect Jungkook as an artist.

So these days, rather than focusing on the album’s story as a whole, I’m just going to write whatever it is I want to say in each song. If I get that feeling right after listening to a track, I’ll try and make it. And I’m going to try to make it a little bit light-hearted.

— Jungkook

Yet, as expected, Jungkook touched upon how difficult it sometimes is as the group continues to have busy schedules by creating, releasing, and promoting music for ARMYs.

I mean, if I stay up late working away at it, it’s hard to get through the next day. (laughs) I stayed up all night again last night and slept between appointments today, but I’m still going to keep working like this today and then go work on my mixtape again anyway.

— Jungkook

Hopefully, ARMYs don’t have to wait too much longer for the mixtape but, as long as Jungkook is having fun and not working too hard, fans don’t mind waiting to hear the masterpiece. After the update, it seems they’re even more excited!

In the meantime, make sure to watch the video for BTS’s latest track, “Permission to Dance,” below.

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