BTS Jungkook’s Unusual Self-Portrait Is A Window Into His True Self 

He is a true artist.

Artists have immortalized BTS in every medium, style, and aesthetic, but how would Jungkook portray himself?


The Golden Maknae answered this question and more in a new interview for GQ Korea magazine. Although Jungkook has a knack for painting lush, realistic pictures, he chose to go abstract for his own hypothetical self-portrait.

Jungkook’s landscape painting. | In the Soop

Jungkook said he would paint himself as a, “splintered, cracked, hexagon.”

A hexagon | Acucut

“I always want to be perfect,” Jungkook said. “and I always want to fly higher, and I think I have these great talents, but I also have these thoughts where I’m like ‘I’m lazy.’ It’s very contradictory…”

“I want to keep rising to the top, but I don’t want to at the same time,” he went on. “They say the hexagon is the perfect shape. But then you add a crack and the perfect shape isn’t so perfect anymore. I want to be perfect, but there’s always going to be cracks.”

As for the color, Jungkook would choose a neutral hue like gray because neutral colors connote a double meaning. They can be anything or nothing at all.

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