The Iconic Debate On BTS Jungkook’s “Blue Or Purple” Hair Made A Recent Comeback But In The Most Unexpected Way

ARMYs still want to know the answer!

Back in February, BTS‘s Jungkook sent the world into meltdown when he posted a selfie of himself with a new hair color. Stood in front of the mirror in the picture, fans couldn’t get over how handsome he looked with this new style.

BTS’s Jungkook back in February | @bts_twt/ Twitter

Yet, it also sparked one of the biggest debates in K-Pop based on the old discussion about whether a dress that went viral was blue and black or white and gold. While many debated the dress color, it was the same for Jungkook’s hair as netizens couldn’t decide whether it was blue or purple.

Well, almost ten months after the original debate, it seems as if the topic has been brought back to the surface in the most unconventional way possible. Due to BTS’s popularity, the members have made unexpected cameos in television series, and Jungkook is no different.

Recently, fans on Twitter shared that Jungkook had made another cameo in a television series: the CW show Nancy Drew.

The “Nancy Drew” Poster | IMDb

During the show, Nick, played by Tunji Kasim, was sitting with George’s sisters, and they started debating the color of Jungkook’s hair. While the sisters were split between blue and purple, Nick jokingly exclaimed that it was blonde! 

Although it didn’t exactly solve the mystery of Jungkook’s hair color, it was exciting for fans to see the topic being brought up on a mainstream television show.

However, it isn’t the only time BTS has been mentioned in the show. In 2019, the group was mentioned in a scene featuring the group and one of the main characters Charlie Fan.

Yet, it seems as if all the mentions of the group are intentional. When ARMYs noticed the first mention, they asked the writers about the inspiration, and they explained that Charlie Fan’s love came from one of the writer’s daughters, who was a fan of BTS.

As expected, the popularity of BTS is only growing and rapidly expanding outside of Korean entertainment. Yet, the real answer behind whether Jungkook’s hair was blue or purple might never be answered.

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