BTS’s Jungkook Reveals What Happens When Someone Breaks His Heart

Who hurt him? We demand to know!

Millions of fans love BTS‘s Jungkook, not only for his music, but for his kind and humble personality. It’s hard to imagine anyone breaking his heart.


In an interview with Vogue Korea, Jungkook answered questions about who he is now vs who he was at age 15, when BTS debuted. GQ Korea asked, “What about him has changed the most and how has he remained the same over the past decade?”

According to Jungkook, he has changed in nearly every way, from the way he thinks to the way he speaks. One thing, however, has remained the same. “I was warmhearted and trusting as a child, and I still am,” Jungkook said.

He gives his love freely to those who will cherish it. “Until they break my heart,” he said. “I give my all to those I love.”

“My groupmates all acknowledge this,” Jungkook continued. “Sometimes, I worry about what’s going to happen, but I’m lucky enough to have my groupmates beside me, which is reassuring. But if I depended on them too much, it would be like hiding behind them, so I need to be able to stand on my own.” 

Jungkook and BTS’s leader, RM.

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Source: Vogue Korea