BTS’s Jungkook Sings Heartbreaking English Cover Of G.Soul’s “Hate Everything” 

He has the voice of an angel.

BTS is on vacation, but the members are still spoiling fans with content!


On InstagramJungkook posts boxing videos, photos of his dog Bam, and selfies. Now, he is ushering in the Year of the Tiger with the English version of “Hate Everything,” a heartbreaking song by the soloist G.Soul (formerly known as Golden).

“Hate Everything” was Golden’s first release after his military discharge in 2019. This bittersweet song tells a story of love and loss through its heartwrenching lyrics. In his video, Jungkook sang the first verse up until the end of the first chorus.

[Verse 1]
Had a perfect picture in my head
With you in the most beautiful dress
I look happy as ever
How did I let you go again

Now I’m standing alone in the rain
Like the kinda movies that we used to hate
Wish I could take back the time
But I know this time it’s real

Hate that I’m singing this song
I hate that I have to be strong
Hate that you’re gone
I hate all my flaws
Hate that you love someone else
Hate everything
Just hate everything
Right now

— “Hate Everything” English lyrics

Jungkook’s cover racked up over 1 million views within minutes. Unsurprisingly, J-Hope, BTS’s #1 cheerleader, was the first to comment!


BTS’s comment sections are restricted to their seven members, but ARMYs are spreading love for the cover elsewhere. On Twitter, they praised Jungkook’s voice and his ability to put so much feeling into his singing.

Check out G.Soul’s reaction:

G.Soul Responds To BTS Jungkook’s “Hate Everything” Cover