G.Soul Responds To BTS Jungkook’s “Hate Everything” Cover

“He sounds amazing…”

“Hate that I’m singing this song, I hate that I have to be strong, hate that you’re gone, I hate all my flaws, hate that you love someone else…” 

Jungkook | BigHit Music/Facebook

BTS‘s Jungkook is getting everybody emotional with his rendition of “Hate Everything,” a 2019 track by G.Soul (formerly known as Golden). The song’s heartbreaking lyrics tell a story of lost love, frustration, and self-loathing.

G.Soul | @g_theprince/Instagram

Shortly after Jungkook released his cover on Instagram, word reached its original artist. During an Instagram live, G.Soul mentioned Jungkook’s version, and he gave the BTS star a shoutout while getting his nails done.

He sounds amazing. Shout out to Jungkook, man. He sounds so amazing singing my song. Oh my God.

— G.Soul

G.Soul also gave a shoutout to ARMY, who brought the cover to his attention. “I’m extremely thankful,” he said. “The ARMY. Good lord! [laughs]” 

G.Soul shared Jungkook’s cover in an Instagram story, and he is now following Jungkook’s account. Will we get a collab in the future? Here’s hoping!