BTS’s Jungkook Is A Total Introvert – Fans Can’t Help But Relate

Fans trended “Same Jungkook” to show how much they agreed with his statement.

In a surprise gift for fans, BTS recently released a new video on their official YouTube channel titled “MBTI Lab 1.”

In the video, the members updated fans on their latest MBTI results.


Jungkook was one of the members whose MBTI type had changed. BTS’s maknae went from being an INFP, the mediator type, to an ISFP, the adventurer type, to being an INTP, the thinker type.


And while his MBTI type has changed multiple times, ARMY are not surprised that he has consistently remained an introvert.

Jungkook’s personality as an introvert was only further proved as BTS proceeded to have some light-hearted discussions about how they would act in certain situations.

One of the questions posed to the members was whether or not they thought it was possible to go an entire day without talking. And unsurprisingly, Jungkook was one of the members who thought it was definitely possible.


But even as they revealed their answers, BTS couldn’t help but wonder if “talking” included texts or phone calls.


Suga even brought up quarantining as an example of how Jimin, who ultimately was the only member to say it was impossible to go a day without talking, would call him every day to talk.


And while the members debate whether video calls, phone calls, or texting is better… Jungkook can’t help but admit that he “[hates] both texts and calls.”


And while his members can’t understand why Jungkook even has a phone…


Many fans are completely relating to Jungkook’s answer.

Some fellow introverts can’t help but feel validated by Jungkook’s dislike of phone communication.

And one fan jokingly pointed out that there’s a much more important way to use your phone than simply for communication.

 You can read more about BTS’s latest MBTI results here.

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