BTS’s Jungkook Reacts To The Unexpected Age Difference Between Him And Jack Harlow 

He’s how old?!

On September 29, BTS‘s Jungkook released his single “3D” featuring American rapper Jack Harlow. Now, he’s taking ARMY behind the scenes in a new making-of video.

During Day 1 of shooting, Jack Harlow and Jungkook spent time together on set by filming the chess game scene, dancing, and more.

Jungkook–who, for much of his career, was the youngest HYBE idol–was bewildered to discover that Jack Harlow is actually a year younger than him.

Jungkook’s jaw literally dropped as the truth sank in. “Jack’s 25. I’m 26…I was shocked.”

Like a true hyung, Jungkook took his (slightly) younger co-star under his wing by teaching him some dance moves for “3D.”

The pair had a blast on set, and Jungkook had nothing but good things to say afterward. “Jack’s energy is so great,” he said. “and he’s even a year younger than me. So, I had fun shooting it.” 

Watch the “3D” MV shooting sketch here: