BTS’s Jungkook And Jay Park’s New Friendship Receives Mixed Reactions

Some fans aren’t happy about it.

BTS‘s Jungkook and Jay Park recently shared photos from their hangout. Now, their fledgling friendship is receiving mixed reactions from fans.

Jay Park and Jungkook | @moresojuplease/Instagram

On April 19, Jay Park posted two pictures with Jungkook on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. In the second photo, the pair is posing in a recording studio, leading fans to wonder if a collaboration is in the works.


Jay Park captioned his posts with praise for the BTS star, complimenting his “growth mindset,” humbleness, boxing skills, and more.

Jungkook also posted the selfie on his own Instagram account, tagging Jay Park and adding a fire emoji.


Some fans are loving these interactions…

…but others, not so much.

Some fans have accused Jay Park of clout chasing and hypocrisy, pointing out that he criticized K-Pop idols and the K-Pop industry in his past lyrics.

Some fans have gone so far as to edit Jay Park out of the photos…

…and add new idols in, including BTS’s Jimin


…and BTS’s Suga.

Although fan reactions on Twitter have been more negative than positive, the majority of commenters on Jay Park’s Instagram post are excited about a potential collaboration.

| @moresojuplease/Instagram

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