BTS’s Jungkook And J-Hope Reveal A TMI Story On Why “Outro: Tear” Is So Heartbreaking

“I was getting my makeup done while listening to this song and tears were flowing.”

In a new episode of BigHit Music Record on Melon Station, J-Hope and Jungkook select their favorite BTS songs. While Jungkook chose the upbeat song “So What” that encourages both BTS and ARMY to get up and dance, J-Hope went for a completely different type of song from the group’s discography.

Choosing “Outro: Tear,” the aggressive song is full of emotion like anger and sadness for parting ways.

The song I like is “Outro: Tear” from Love Yourself: Tear. I told you that’s my favorite album, right? Honestly, it’s a song where even if I tried to write it with the same emotions, I wouldn’t be able to write it.

— J-Hope

Specific to what BTS was going through during this time, the song holds an extremely sentimental meaning that can never be duplicated.

I tried picking this song because I want to listen to this song once again and remind myself of what kind of emotions I had back then to write this song. And I wanted to let you guys listen to it because it’s a really good song which has lingering feelings from the time back then.

— J-Hope

Jungkook revealed that as the song suggests, the song filled him with emotions during the time it was released.

This is a TMI: Didn’t we have a bit of a difficult time during those days? I cried a lot listening to “Outro: Tear.” … I was getting my makeup done while listening to this song and tears were flowing, so I just ran out of that place.

— Jungkook

During the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, which took place at the end of the year Love Yourself: Tear was released, the members spilled all of their feelings during their “Artist of the Year” acceptance speech.

Revealing they went through difficult times this year, they were on the brink of disbanding. These emotions are what fueled the heartbreaking lyrics behind the album and specifically “Outro: Tear.”

In the end, the members stuck together and became stronger than ever, ready to face a variety of milestones in their career that would propel them to global fame.

It’s safe to say that everyone, including the members themselves, are so grateful that BTS didn’t give up!