BTS’s Jungkook And J-Hope Just Reunited And Their Reactions Are Priceless

We missed this! 💜

J-Hope‘s new docu-series Hope On The Street follows the BTS member as he takes a look back on his roots of street dance, travels around the world to dance with iconic performers, and reflects on its meaning within his life then and now.

BTS’s J-Hope in “Hope On The Street” | Weverse

J-Hope explores the main theme of “i wonder…” in Episode 2, which is also the second track on his special album, Hope On The Street VOL. 1. In the episode, he and other dancers share their thoughts on their love for dance in the present and how it will change or stay the same in the unknown future.

Eventually, he reunites with Jungkook who is featured on the track. The two high-fived and hugged each other as they both entered the recording studio to record.

Soon, they got down to business as J-Hope sat with a sound engineer to convey his image of the song to Jungkook.

Jungkook took to the recording booth to lay down some impressive vocals.

J-Hope shared his own critiques and ideas, making the song come to life with such an iconic collaboration.

As Jungkook recorded his gorgeous vocals…

…J-Hope was totally satisfied with the result!

As Jungkook did his thing in the booth, J-Hope also jammed out to the music.

As they have had for many years, the two showed great synergy working to create such an exciting song.

The results of “i wonder…” appear on Hope On The Street VOL. 1.

Watch the full clip below!


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