Jungkook Impresses The Members By Remembering An Old But Gold Piece Of BTS History

The Golden Maknae never forgets anything!

BTS‘s Jungkook works hard, but that doesn’t mean he skips out on playing around, either!

As the youngest, he does all kinds of crazy things on set. He messes with the members when they’re trying to focus…

…and dances around to various songs, including some throwbacks like “Rainism.”

Most recently, he suddenly danced to Jin’s hit song “Super Tuna” while BTS was taking their Family Portrait photos for 2022 FESTA.

Soon, they brought up “Otsukare,” a song that only true ARMY remember — and apparently, Jungkook is also a true ARMY. Despite not being in the song, he remembers the choreography. Even BTS’s dance king J-Hope could barely recall it!

We had a dance?

— J-Hope

Joking about a re-release, fans would actually love to hear it!

The song originally came to be known through J-Hope and Suga. Using the Japanese phrase meaning “Thank you for your hard work,” the two transformed the cute phrase into their own song and even performed it at an official Japanese Fanmeeting.

Hilariously, the members are right: It wouldn’t take long for either of these iconic songs to climb the charts!

Watch the full video below.