BTS’s “3J” Subunit Undergoes A Name Change — Here’s What They Decided

They have tons of ideas!

ARMYs have known BTS‘s J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook as the subunit “3J” (pronounced sahm-jay) since their first official performance under the name four years ago. Not only do the three boys lack an official greeting…

…they also realized they might want to change the subunit’s name!

Isn’t ‘3J’ kind of funny? [How about] ‘Triple J?’

— J-Hope

“Triple J” didn’t get Jimin’s approval, so next they suggest “SAM J,” an alternate pronunciation to 3J.

However, the spicy Korean food paste crossed Jungkook’s mind!

That sounds like ssamjjang!

— Jungkook

Jimin then suggested “SAM JE,” which has a very different meaning in Korean.

Hey, that would make us the three disasters!

— J-Hope

They found that the pronunciation “SAM JEY” works best for them!

They might not have an official greeting now…

…but they’re working on it!

Watch their whole subunit name discussion, along with their “Butter” dance practice, below!