Jimin and Jungkook Duel “David and Goliath” Style On Run BTS!

The betrayals. 😂

On episode 131 of Run BTS!, BTS‘s Jungkook and Jimin went head-to-head in a push game full of betrayals.

The duo started out harmless, reenacting Titanic…but things soon became heated!

Jimin’s first unexpected move was slapping Jungkook’s chest after he skillfully avoided his attack.

To Jimin’s dismay, the giant maknae learned quickly and retaliated with the same trick!

Jimin decided to break the rules again when he did a two-hand slap on Jungkook’s chest…

…but he soon learned he was outclassed!

With a smooth recovery, Jimin knew he had one option left…


With one shove of his chest, Jungkook was sent flying.

In the end, it was a loss for Jimin…but he went out in style!