Here’s Who The BTS Members Would Be If They Were Teletubbies, According To Themselves

Do you agree with their choices?

If you’ve been waiting for a BTS and Teletubbies crossover, look no further! Recently, the boys decided who’s who and their choices are perfect.

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Dressed in pastel colors for their 2021 Festa family photos, Jin quickly realized the members resembled the cuddly creatures.

First up was the eldest with his pink ensemble! It didn’t take long for RM to assign him the smallest Teletubby.

You’re dressed in pink, so you’re Po.

— RM

For Jungkook who was dressed in blue off screen, RM created the name “Bubi,” a remixed version of “Dubi” (Dipsy).

You’re blue, so you can be Bubi.

— RM

Last but not least, RM knew that Laa-Laa was his perfect match in a head-to-toe yellow outfit.

However, his outfit was slightly different than the others which earned a name change, according to Jin!

You’re wearing short sleeves and shorts so you can be [just] Laa.

— Jin

With that, the Teletubby trio is complete! Do you agree with their choices?

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Watch the full video below.