BTS’s Jungkook Selects Kim Jong Kook As His Role Model

Jungkook wants to be like Kim Jong Kook, but with a little twist.

BTS recently appeared on KBS2 2021 Special Talk Show, Let’s BTS where they opened up about various personal topics.

During the chat, the members took some time to praise each other.

That’s when Suga praised Jungkook for his unbelievable talent.

I participate in many external activities and chat with many musicians, but he’s the most talented musician I’ve ever seen. When I talk about how I’ve never met anyone as talented, my colleagues agree.

— Suga


And when Shin Dong Yup asked if Jungkook has other talents other than music, Suga wasn’t afraid to be honest.

He’s gotten so big that I wish he’d stop working out.

— Suga


Jin added to it by sharing what his trainer once told him about Jungkook.

His trainer even told him he could get jacked just by holding up a spoon when he was 15.

— Jin

Naturally, this led to the mention of jacked celebrities like Kim Jong Kook

You must’ve been born with muscles. Is your role model Kim Jong Kook?

— Shin Dong Yup

And Ma Dong Seok.

I think his role model is Ma Dong Seok.

— Jin

In response, Jungkook sympathized with Shin Dong Yup but added an alteration to what he hopes to achieve.

I want a body that’s just slightly slimmer than Kim Jong Kook. I love his body.

— Jungkook

Jungkook may be fit now, but this is just the beginning!

Source: Dispatch