TEAZEN’s Kombucha Rose In Sales By 1800% Thanks To BTS’s Jungkook

He ain’t called the “sell-out King” for nothing.

It seems that BTS‘s Jungkook really is the king of sales! Previously, it was reported that sales for TEAZEN‘s kombucha had went through the roof, surpassing 500% in increase when Jungkook mentioned the item on a live stream in late February.

On March 19, 2021, TEAZEN personally stated that overseas sales for the first two weeks of March had already increased by 800% as compared to February. The brand is seeing an increase especially in overseas exports, thanks to Jungkook’s influence.

A representative from TEAZEN stated that the company projects sales for the second half of March to increase 20 times. In particular, most of the sales have been coming from China and Japan. Chinese sales increased 1800% since February. Currently, the brand has also expanded export to America, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore and Mongolia.

| Money Today

Unfortunately, it seems that one person is suffering negative effects of these sales — Jungkook himself. Ten days after his initial mention of the drink, he went on live stream again, telling fans that he only managed to get two boxes of the drink before it sold out. Despite this, he is thankful he is able to positively help out smaller corporations in tough times.


TEAZEN has also thanked both fans and Jungkook for their support. Here’s to hoping Jungkook gets his fix of kombucha again soon!

Source: Money Today