BTS’s Jungkook Lends His Honey Vocals In The Official Teaser For “Stay Alive” Produced By Suga

Having this on repeat until the full track is released.

BTS‘s newest WEBTOON series 7FATES: CHAKHO about the intertwined fates of seven tiger hunters has officially released a teaser for their OST!

The track was revealed to be produced by fellow member Suga and sung by Jungkook.

The clip might only be 16 seconds in length, but the beautifully haunting music paired with Jungkook’s “please just stay alive” has ARMYs wanting more!

“Stay Alive” will release on February 4 at 9pm EST for the first time in the WEBTOON, and release on music streaming platforms on February 11, and we’re sure it’s about to break the internet!

Suga had previously teased the track on his Instagram feed and ARMYs were beyond excited to hear what masterpiece “prod.Suga” came up with this time!

ARMYs took to Twitter to hilariously point out the irony of Suga and Jungkook creating a song called “Stay Alive” after the fate of their two characters in the BTS Universe.

Be sure to listen to the full snippet of “Stay Alive” below.