BTS’s Jungkook Thinks His New Weight Loss Workout Routine Is “Easy” But ARMY Beg To Differ

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Known for his amazing physique and love of working out, BTS‘s Jungkook knows all about losing weight and getting fit!

During his recent livestream, a fan asked him how to lose weight and he responded with a morning workout routine that requires no equipment — just some motivation!

He went through each step, explaining which exercises to do and how many sets and reps. First, he starts off with a full body movement like squats.

As soon as you wake up, just do a 100 squats.

— Jungkook

Next, it’s time to move onto your core and get it to look like Jungkook during “Fake Love.” Since he didn’t state which type of ab workout, you can pick your favorite!

30 reps of an ab workout.

— Jungkook

After that, it’s time to concentrate on your legs with some lunges.

2 sets of 20 lunges.

— Jungkook

Target your abs with some planks, making sure to do both standard planks and side planks.

1 minute of a normal plank, then side planks for 1 minute on each side.

— Jungkook

Use the last bit of your energy to finish strong! Not many people enjoy doing burpees, but the end result is worth it.

Then, wrap it up with 15 burpees! Losing weight is easy, right?

— Jungkook

By frequently training and eating healthy, you’ll be on your way to being as strong as Jungkook in no time!