BTS’s Jungkook Makes History Not Once But Twice On Billboard Charts This Week

He’s not called the “Golden Maknae” for nothing!

BTS continually make history, and each member is unique in both personality and talents. So, it’s only natural that even individually, they make history when on their own too. Maknae Jungkook is the latest member to do so.

BTS’s Jungkook

This week, Jungkook’s solo songs “Euphoria” and “My Time” re-entered Billboard World Digital Song Sales at No.9 and No.10, respectively. “Euphoria” continues to be the longest-charting solo by a K-Pop idol, extending its record at 75 weeks while “My Time” is at 71 weeks.

| @Daily_JKUpdate/Twitter

This makes Jungkook the first and only Korean idol to have one of their songs spend that many weeks on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart. And, we know it won’t end here as “Euphoria” will continue to chart!

That’s not all. Jungkook is also gaining recognition for more than just singing. He’s being recognized as a composer for his work on BTS’s “Film Out” for their Japanese-language compilation album, BTS, the Best. He wrote it with Iyori Shimizu and UTA.

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“Film Out” has been charting on several Billboard charts and for many weeks. As of August 4, the song has reached its 18th week charting on Hot 100 (No.45) and Streaming Songs on Billboard Japan (No.25). Jungkook himself is spending his 17th week on Billboard Japan Hot 100 Composers chart as co-composer of “Film Out” as it’s ranked No.47. This week, “Film Out” has charted at No.43 on Oricon‘s Weekly Combined Singles Ranking chart.

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ARMYs are so excited to see Jungkook’s talents and hard work recognized. Therefore, they have been sharing congratulatory messages on social media.

As a result, three hashtags/keywords have been trending simultaneously for Jungkook on Twitter‘s Worldwide Trends. These include #JK18WeeksOnHot100#JungkookOnHot100, and “CONGRATULATIONS JUNGKOOK.”

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Jungkook isn’t making history only on the charts. He’s also doing achieving quite a lot of milestones on social media. Recently, Jungkook’s TikTok hashtag, #jungkook surpassed 64 billion views! He is the first and the only individual whose hashtag has managed to achieve this milestone. 

Additionally, Jungkook’s “Butter” focus cam of BTS’s SiriusXM performance has surpassed 9M Views, while his “Permission to Dance” focus cam has surpassed 7M views on YouTube. These are the first, fastest, and only individual stage cams to reach these numbers. They are also the most viewed, most liked, and most commented on!

| YouTube via @Daily_JKUpdate/Twitter
| YouTube via @Daily_JKUpdate/Twitter

It seems like “first and only” and “Jungkook” manage to be in the same sentence quite a lot. And, we know that this is really just the beginning for Jungkook!

Source: @JJK_Times, @Daily_JKUpdate, @JungkookTimes and @JungkookAsia__