Jungkook Got Mobbed While Trying To Greet A Fan In A Wheelchair

Fans swarmed Jungkook at BTS’s Paris concert.

Jungkook‘s sweet act of love for a fan had unpleasant consequences at BTS’s Paris concert.


On June 7 and 8, BTS performed at the Stade De France as part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. The shows had many wonderful surprises, like Halsey‘s guest appearance, but nobody could have predicted the moment when Jungkook jumped off stage.


Due to safety concerns, BTS rarely–if ever–go directly into the crowd at concerts, but Jungkook wanted to say a special hello to an ARMY in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, as soon as he jumped the fence, fans swarmed him and the ARMY he was trying to see.


Jungkook gestured for the crowd to move back, but fans kept pressing forward, even as security intervened.


ARMYs around the world are disappointed by the disrespect shown for Jungkook and their fellow ARMY. Thousands have tweeted the hashtag #RespectOurEuphoria, along with reminders about proper conduct.


@Arisha_Vendavel, the ARMY whom Jungkook tried to greet, gave more details about the incident on Twitter. She said that she was not physically injured, thanks to the protection of security, her family, and the friends she made at the concert.


French ARMYs have been receiving criticism from other ARMYs because of the incident, but @Arisha_Vendavel is urging all ARMYs to avoid making generalizations.


She also condemned mobbing behavior, and she revealed the effects that it had on herself, as well as the people around her.


Despite the mob, she and Jungkook still managed to have a brief but special moment before he went back on stage.


She is thankful for the unforgettable memory he has given her, saying, “I will try to act to deserve the gift he gave me tonight, and never make him ashamed.”