“Who Is She?” A Moment In BTS Jungkook’s Music Video Sends Fans Crazy — Introducing The Beautiful Model Involved

It was truly a visual explosion!

A moment in BTS Jungkook‘s new music video has sent the internet into meltdown after an interaction with the female lead.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

On November 3, Jungkook released his full album, Golden, with the title track “Standing Next To You.” Throughout the video, Jungkook has several interactions with the female lead to convey the story of the video.




While it’s not uncommon for Jungkook’s videos to include interactions with female co-stars, ARMYs truly couldn’t get over the connection with his partner.

In particular, one moment has sent the internet into meltdown and it was an interaction with the female lead. While it didn’t even last longer than a few seconds, Jungkook stroked the female lead’s cheek…

And it was unsurprisingly enough to send the internet into meltdown. While some joked that Jungkook had “Rizz,” others

Of course, everyone wants to know who was lucky enough to star alongside Jungkook, and its Ukrainian model Pasha Harulia. On her Instagram story, the model shared a photo of her from one of the scenes.

By looking at her social media, Pasha is truly beautiful. It’s not surprising that she was picked to star alongside Jungkook as she serves major girl crush vibes!

Model Pasha Haulia | @pashaharu/Instagram
| @pashaharu/Instagram
| @pashaharu/Instagram

Pasha’s first job was a lookbook of knitted wear, and since then, she has walked for some of the biggest designer brands at the biggest fashion events. She was the perfect person to star alongside Jungkook, and their chemistry was truly unreal.

Source: HYBE

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