One Netizen Discovers A Never-Seen-Before Picture of Baby Jungkook In An Old Yearbook

They got the surprise of a lifetime when they saw the photo:

One Korean netizen received the surprise of a lifetime when they discovered the young boy in their kindergarten yearbook didn’t just look like BTS‘s Jungkook, it really was Jungkook!

It’s a well-known fact that Jungkook has always been a mega visual. After all, who could possibly deny that fact when adorable baby photos like this…

And this exist?

From his cute smile to his sparkling eyes, every single photo of Jungkook from baby years to now show his unmistakably sweet visuals which is probably why one netizen was so surprised to find someone who looked just like Jungkook while looking through their kindergarten yearbook!

Seeing the resemblance, the netizen texted their friend with their discovery only to get a huge surprise in return when they found out that it really was Jungkook!

After getting the surprise of a lifetime, the netizen shared their story as well as the never-before-seen yearbook photo. The super uwu the pic was taken in 1999 which means that Jungkook was only 3 years old in it!

The pure cuteness of baby Jungkook has, unsurprisingly, been stealing everyone’s attention and heart. Since the photo was first discovered and shared online it’s been going majorly viral with everyone absolutely falling in love with it! It’s certainly not hard to see why either! From baby until now, Jungkook has always been too cute to handle!

Source: The Qoo